Friday, August 8, 2008

Update - Busy days

You know you’re on vacation mode when taking a shower can be checked off your to-do list as though it was a major accomplishment of the day. In addition to looking for work and keeping clean, we’re also in hot pursuit of a used chest of drawers. We’ve already checked out a few consignment stores and we hit up a bunch of Thursday morning garage sales. We didn’t see much, but I definitely recommend garage sale hopping if you move and need to acquaint yourself with a new area. Brilliant!


Cindy Lynn Meinert said...

I miss you already! Sounds like you're keeping your spirits up. I'm very excited about Sam's interviews. Thanks for writing. Keep us all posted. Won't write much because I'm already tearing up! You're sweet! Love, Cindy

Jessica said...

I miss you too! I'm especially going to miss Craftistas - even though I never really managed to create anything. Keep the pictures of your crafts coming so I can live vicariously through you! Oh, and keep the recipes and book recommendations coming too! :)