Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I’m happy to report I made it through our taxes! We had to file with the IRS, Colorado, Ohio, and locally. I’m now suffering from wrist stiffness and form fatigue, but I’m confident I’ll make a full recovery.

Every year, even after obsessively checking and rechecking my work, I’m always afraid I missed one heinously important note or transposed two grossly significant numbers. It would almost be a relief to get audited just so that I could finally know. I’d prepare some tea and crumpets for the auditor, she would applaud my meticulously organized files from the past five years, we’d crack tax jokes, she’d kindly point out my errors but assure me how easy they are for anyone to make, we’d walk through the steps I need to take to ensure such a thing never happens again, and then we’d hug goodbye and I would sleep soundly that night.

That’s ‘Plan A’, anyway. ‘Plan B’ is to buy Turbo Tax next year.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've been able to pick up more hours at the library as a sub, which is great except for the fact that now I have hardly any time to bloggercise. But don't worry, I'm trying to rework the daily routine because I know how important blogging is for my health.

Speaking of health, Sam and I just had our cholesterol tested and despite our youth and vigor, apparently we both have room for improvement. Sam's LDL number was great, but he needs more of the good HDL. My HDL number was great, but my LDL is really high. However, after comparing numbers with almost everyone I work with, I have become a little suspicious of our results.

Turns out you're not supposed to eat anything for about 12 hours before having your blood drawn. Funny, because neither of our doctors - from two different clinics - mentioned this to us. Do you suppose eating a box of Mac-n-Cheese an hour before getting blood drawn might possibly skew the results? I think I want a re-do. In the meantime, at least I have the heart-healthy benefits of blogging back in my life.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The cancer antidote

My mom’s body is beginning to feel the heavy tax chemotherapy charges. The main side effects are super fatigue and deep body aching. To a lesser degree she also experiences brain fuzziness, shot phobia, and general apprehension about the future.

The good news is that she has found a miracle drug that seems to take the edge off of every imaginable symptom. It’s called my dad.

He’s been an amazing helper to my mom since the moment she discovered she had cancer. He has tended to her diligently and lovingly, like a man who’s only purpose in this world is to heal the woman he loves.

While trying to sleep a few nights ago my mom felt such pain in her legs that all she could do was writhe and moan. My dad began to massage her legs to ease the pain and sing to her to soothe her soul. If you’ve ever heard my dad sing, you know this gesture was done more out of love than talent. And it worked. The pain didn’t disappear, but my mom’s spirit was restored.

I do a lot of reflecting on life to try to make sure I don’t miss any big lessons or messages I’m meant to understand. As I try to interpret my mom’s illness, I keep wondering if one of the messages she’ll uncover is that she is worthy of being loved this profoundly.

Striking someone down with a life threatening illness might not seem like the most logical way to teach someone of her worth, but it sure has allowed for some great opportunities for my mom’s friends and family to show her love in new ways. My mom has given so much of herself throughout her life. Now it’s time for her to receive.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Statehood Confusion Update

I’m pleased to say I’m making progress from just a few days ago. I was reading an article that made a reference to Colorado, and I got that feeling of surprise deep in my brain wrinkles…similar to what I had just reported feeling toward mention of anything Ohio! I think this means the neurons are starting to fire.