Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last minute fun

Just before Sam started his new job we took a quick trip to Wisconsin to visit his grandparents. Here’s a cute picture of them near the lighthouse.

We also visited the Cleveland Zoo while we had some free time. Hmm, hanging out with caged animals right before Sam started his new job. Is that foreshadowing? : )


Krystal said...

How special!! Congrats on the job - things will all work out. How is he liking it?

Thanks for positing!

Jessica said...

It was so fun to see Aunt Kay, too. I'd never been to Racine before - I loved it!

Sam's job is off to a pretty good start. It's a huge firm (about 80 employees) and he's already met some really nice people. I think it's all going to work out. :)