Friday, January 9, 2009

WHAT did I do?!

Just kidding. I'm not freaked out that I just cut several years worth of hair growth form my head. Sounds so gross when you put it that way. I've been wanting a change for a long time, and while I was driving home from work yesterday, courage struck me.

Here's my boring, long, straight, boring hair before:

And here it is now:

Please excuse the pasty white skin. Ohio gets many fewer days of sunshine than Colorado. Anyway, I'm barely recognizable, right?

I'll be donating the leftovers to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. They make free wigs for women who have lost their hair from chemo. If it didn't take about six times this much hair to make a wig, I could have just cut out the middle man and knit one together for my mom myself.

One day this clump of hair will be a fashionable faux do on someone else's head. Make me proud, little hairs.


Cindy said...

You are amazing! What did Sam think? xo C

tc said...

Oh, I love it!!!

Jessica said...

Sam was definitely freaked by the hair at first (even though he knew I was going to do it), but he came around. Now he thinks I'm the most beautiful woman this side of the kitchen. (He's not really big on sweeping exaggerations.) ;)