Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Small Themes

From time to time I notice a common thread weaving through all aspects of my life. I call this a "theme". A single concept begins to appear in my work, my relationships, the books I read...everywhere!

"Themes" make me think of the movie Stranger Than Fiction with Will Farrell. Will's life is the creation of a prolific author. As the author writes the story of his life (and imminent death), Will begins to hear her narration, as upsetting as it turns out to be.

I think a "theme" is our author giving us valuable insight. A lot of times I pray for revelation about things in my life - What should I do at this crossroad? What areas of my life need improvement? What the heck is the point of this crap situation? Then, sticking with the textile metaphor from above, I wait for the answers to be knit into the fabric of my life.

Unfortunately, we can be pretty dense - it may take many attempts to help us get the message. In the movie Bruce Almighty (I know...movies...what deep founts of insight), Jim Carey's character is driving down a road while he begs God for answers, for signs. He passes an ominous looking "Caution Ahead" sign. A truck full of signs saying "Wrong Way" and "Caution" and "Stop" pulls right out in front of him. Finally, Jim wrecks his car rather than heeding the numerous warnings. The point is that God is talking to us, but we usually aren't listening.

So now when I notice the same message slip into my life over and over in different ways, I try to decipher the "theme" which I assume is an answer to a question I have or have not yet asked.

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