Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update - Why Ohio?

Here are some of the reasons we are going to give Ohio a shot:

1. I have a lot of family that lives there. We probably never would have considered living in Ohio otherwise. But Sam has a ton of amazing family in Colorado, so family isn't the only reason we're making the move.

2. There are great library opportunities in Ohio - school wise and employment wise. The Cuyahoga County Library District, the district I would love to work for, is rated the best in the nation for the size population is serves. Plus they pay great!

3. There are potentially cool architectural opportunities in Ohio. Cleveland is in the process of majorly redeveloping and Sam could learn a lot about rejuvenating a city. There are also some great architectural schools, too.

4. We have lived in Colorado for most of our lives, so this will be a good chance to break out of our comfort zone and try something new. Anything challenging is character developing, so we might just become better people after all of this!

5. Finally, there's just this gut thing. Despite all reasoning for or against, we just feel led.

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