Monday, November 3, 2008

Too close to call

I’m so excited about the election tomorrow! I plan to kick back with some popcorn and watch news shows project the winner of each county and state for as long as I can stay awake. Sadly, I’m on the east coast and that means results for the west coast will be coming into the wee hours of my time zone.

This is like the mother of all reality shows. I’ve watched with rapt wonder through the elimination rounds, the teammate selection ceremonies, the dramatic accusations. Very intriguing.

I made sure to cast my vote early (and if the rules allowed, I would’ve texted in a dozen more). Now it’s time to watch in tense anticipation as one candidate moves into the lead, and then the other. I can’t wait to see how they wrap this show up.


Sam said...

I love the new look of your blog!! The picture of the grasses and blue sky are very fitting for such a pensive blog. It sets the mood for contemplation.

Jessica said...

My you have good taste, Sam! :)