Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not too shabby

Surprisingly my mom is still feeling pretty well after her chemo treatment from a week ago. She's been pretty tired, but no nausea or achyness to speak of. This can still change any day, especially as she gets more chemo, but for right now we're enjoying the reprieve.

And speaking of reprieves, Sam got to come home super early from work yesterday after a huge water pipe burst. Even though some downtown buildings were flooded and many were without water for most of the day, it was sitll a close call as to whether he'd be able to leave. Before they got the official word, Sam wrote me this email:

"Rumors are circulating that the Huntington Building may close, I am not getting too excited though. The wheels of capitalism must keep rolling, despite the workers’ needs to excrete and consume coffee. The means of production must go on, sanitation and health be damned."

The for-profit world is a harsh one.

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